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Tropi-Kool Smoothies


Tropi-KoolPina Colada, oranges, and bananas blended to create a tasty, cool, ocean breeze.


Pina Paradise The tangy taste of coconut, pineapple and juices blended together for a tropical treat.


Strawberry Colada  Strawberries mixed with an island favorite, Pina Colada, bring the tropics to you.


Strawberry Smash  Sun-ripended strawberries and juices blended into a smooth, cool refreshing smoothie


Strawberry Banana  Strawberries,, bananas, and juices blended into a cool, fruity, treat.


Strawberry Mango  Juicy strawberries, mangos, and juices make this a tropical specialty.


Mango Madness  Refreshing, exotic mangos and juices


Berry Bonanza  Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and juices blended together in am explosion of flavor.


Banana Berry  Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, and juice mixed to perfection


Choco Berry  Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries mixed with chocolate into a sweet treat


Mocha Cooler  The heavenly taste of cappuccino and rich chocolate topped with whipped cream.


Mocha Monkey Cooler  Cappuccino, chocolate and bananas combined for a cool treat.

Island Favorites


AB Style Banana Split Choose 3 Flavors, Choose 3 Toppings; topped with whipped topping, nuts, & Cherry


SOBX Banana Split  3 Scoops - Vanilla, Chocolate, & Strawberry  3 Toppings - Pineapple, Strawberry, & Hot Fudge Topped with Whipped Topping, Nuts, & Cherry


Create Your Own Sundae Choose 2 scoops of Ice Cream, Choice of Topping, Topped with Whipped Topping, Nuts, & Cherry


Sea Turtle Sundae 2 Scoops of Vanilla, Hot Caramel, Pecans, Topped with Whipped Topping, & Cherry

Cheer Wine Float 2 scoops of Vanilla topped with Cheer Wine

Root Beer Float 2 scoops of Vanilla topped with Root Beer 

Blended Root Beer Float Vanilla Ice Cream Blended with Root Beer (Like a Milkshake!)

Coffee In The House Sundae One Scoop Each of Coffee, Cappuccino Crunch, and Coffeehouse Cookies & Cream

Topped with Hot Fudge, Hot Caramel, Oreo Pieces, Espresso Beans, Whipped Topping, and 2 Cherries

Hurricane Chocolate Sundae One Scoop Each of Chocolate, Better Brownie Batter, and Chocolate Moose Tracks

Topped With Hot Fudge, Hershey's Syrup, M&M's, Chocolate Sprinkles, Whipped Topping, and 2 Cherries 

Cookie Monster Sundae One Scoop Each of Cookies & Cream, Oatmeal Cookie Craving, and Cookie Doughlicious 

Topped With Hot Fudge, Oreo Pieces, Chocolate Sprinkles, Hershey's Syrup, Whipped Topping, and 2 Cherries

Caramel Explosion Sundae One Scoop Each of Praline Pecan, Salty Caramel Truffle, and Salted Caramel Cookies & Cream

Topped With Hot caramel, Pecans, Whipped Topping, and 2 Cherries 

S'mores Without A Fire Sundae One Scoop Each of Graham Central Station, Chocolate, and Vanilla

Topped With Hershey's Syrup, Marshmallow Topping, Mini Marshmallows, Graham Cracker Crumbles, Whipped Topping, and 2 Cherries

Current Ice Cream Flavors


Banana Pudding | Better Brownie Batter | Birthday Cake | Blueberry Cheesecake | Butter Pecan | Black Cherry | Cappuccino Crunch | Chocolate  | Chocolate Moose Tracks | Coconut | Coffee | Cookie Doughlicious | Coffee House Cookies & Cream | Cold-Brewed Caramocha | Cookies & Cream | Cotton Candy | Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle | Honey Roasted Peanut Butter | Lemon | Lil' Blue Panda | Key Lime Pie | Minty Mint Chip | Moose Tracks | Oatmeal Cookie Craving | Orange Blossom | Peanut Butter Cup | Praline Pecan | Rainbow Sherbet | Raspberry Sorbet | Road Runner Raspberry | Rocky Road | Salted Caramel Cookies and Cream | Salty Caramel Truffle | Strawberry | Strawberry Cheesecake | Superman | Vanilla 

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Island Favorites

Thin Mint Sundae One Scoop Minty Mint Chip, One Scoop Chocolate

Topped With Hershey's Syrup, Crushed Thin Mints, Whipped Topping, and a Cherry

Caramel Delight Sundae One Scoop Coconut Chocolate Almond, One Scoop Vanilla

Topped With Hot Caramel, Crushed Caramel Delights, Whipped Topping, and a Cherry

The Cobbler Sundae One Scoop Peach, One Scoop Vanilla

Topped With Hot Caramel, Crushed Graham Crackers, Whipped Topping and a Cherry